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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Pre-Christmas Rellie Trip

There were two important reasons for our trip to Kiwitea today.  To have a pre-Christmas catch up with the rellies, (we hadn’t seen them in a wee while).  And secondly, to collect our box of veal they had been storing for us – this had been nicely cut, wrapped, labelled, and frozen, just waiting for us to pick it up.  It was so cold up there in Kiwitea, that daughter Nicky asked Robin to remember his Boy Scout days and get the fire going.  Think we must be getting acclimatised to sunny Levin, but the cold winds blow ever so fiercely high up in the upper Manawatu Region.  Fancy having to light the fire on the first day of December, which incidentally, is the first day of Summer!

This was the day, the (grown-up)  grand-daughters declared, to decorate the Christmas Tree.  Out came various cartons and the tree was assembled, and all the precious ornaments unwrapped.  Emma was in her element placing the decorations “just-so” until she was satisfied with her work.

PC010030 Emma working on the tree

PC010038Weird – flashing eyes and it talks too

Then it was the obligatory trip outside for a bit of “horse appreciation”.  Emma gathered a bucketful of extra treats for her horse Sonata, who is recovering from an injury to her foreleg. The two girls really love their horses and spend a lot of time riding, grooming and jumping them.  Poor Sonata is not doing any at that at the moment until that leg is properly healed.

PC010068 Emma with Sonata

Two more horses over the fence were looking on hungrily as Sonata has her nose buried in the bucket of goodies, hoping they would get a share too.  I think they will be disappointed.

PC010076 Is there any of that for us?

Farm dog Patch is a good worker, even though he is getting on in years.  Here he is, gazing up at Robert in adoration, ready to do whatever is asked of him.

PC010077 Whose  a good boy, then?

With our box of frozen meat safely packed away in the car, it was time to head home.  You can tell you are on a country road when you see a load of potatoes on the back of a truck going down the road. 

PC010081 Freshly dug potatoes

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