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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Deck the Halls, and Mr Blobby

Our caravan club Christmas Rally had a special guest – Mr Blobby.  Some members could remember Mr Blobby being a TV star quite a few years ago, (not us, we obviously hadn’t watched that particular programme).  Geoff and Eileen’s blow-up Mr Blobby had been locked away in a carton for quite some time.  Get him out, we all chorused.  So out he came, looking all deflated and rather worse for wear.  So Geoff huffed, and he puffed, and he tried very hard to blow him up.

PC140002 Geoff trying to blow up Mr Blobby

Then Eileen took over and did a much better job, but the toy was still rather limp.  Out came the vacuum cleaner as Geoff and Peter  tried to inflate him even more.  At last he was done, looking just like a Mr Blobby should, all pink and perky.  Let’s hope he stays up all weekend.

PC140006Blow-up Mr Blobby

Then out came the decorations, and the step ladders – the great garage decorating job was taking place.  We brought along a box of assorted lights – some of them had never even been opened yet!  Geoff rummaged around and found his caravan themed string of bunting bunting and little caravan coloured lights.  Bill and Robin  looped the tinsel lights around the roof rafters, and switched the power on to make sure they worked.  Not quite up to Home and Garden standards, but it will all look great in the evening, we are sure. 

PC140007 Up the ladders hanging the tinsel lights.

We were booked in for our Christmas lunch at the Wine Maker’s Daughter Restaurant.  At $25 for three courses, we thought it was very good value for money indeed, and the meals were very tasty.  (In fact, we will be returning here next week for Robin’s Mum’s 90th Birthday lunch).

PC140015 Is that Mother Christmas?  Oh no, it’s me!

But while I was away from the table, my camera got hijacked and a strange fellow took a “selfie” photo of himself, I noticed later.

PC140010 Who is that strange fellow?

We gathered under the twinkling lights in the garage later on in the evening, and Father Christmas arrived with a couple of sacks full of gifts, a pink sack for girls and a blue sack for boys.  It was a lucky dip, and we got quite an interesting assortment of gifts.  Barbara looked all the world like a “Rhinestone Cowgirl” in her red Stetson complete with flashing lights.

PC140033 Barbara in her new red hat

After our big Christmas lunch, and a light evening meal to compensate, we still found room to partake of a shared supper.  All the ladies brought along a plate filled with goodies, ranging from a delicious chocolate log, chocolate balls, Christmas mince pies, and little “Christmas Puddings” – decorated mallow puffs looking like tiny puds.  We seem to have been eating all day, no wonder we went to bed feeling full! 

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