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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Never mind the Rain – it’s Christmas Day

Christmas is meant to be fine and sunny in this part of the world, but it wasn’t to be.  There was plenty of wind and the rain came down, but not before we spotted an early morning Christmas rainbow in the sky.

PC250024 Christmas Day Rainbow

We were awakened with a “bang, bang, bang” on the caravan door just after 6.00am.  Come on, we were told, it’s time to open presents and have our special breakfast.  The grand-daughters were  racing around in their pyjamas, but we took the time to shower and get dressed before going over to the house.  We breakfasted on the traditional family Christmas fare of warm croissants filled with freshly sliced baked ham and cheese, hot perked coffee and plenty of orange juice.  That’s a good start to the day.

Another family tradition is for the two girls to get a Santa Sack each, left by their door - these are always filled with an assortment of interesting knick-knacks.  The girls decided that after all this time their parents deserved a Santa Sack too, and a joint one was duly left for them to find.

PC250022 Daughter Nicky with “Mummy and Daddy’s Santa Sack”

So many presents were piled under the tree that it took quite some time to open them all.  Everyone was pleased with their gifts, our included a book each, (just what we wanted)  vouchers and a big haul of chocolates.  We don’t really need the choccies, do we, but no doubt they will get eaten. 

With the rain coming down hard we decided to cook our special bacon wrapped chicken roll-ups in the kitchen instead of outside on the BBQ.  Robin took over this chore and stood diligently, turning the chicken pieces as they slowly browned.  The combination of bacon and chicken sizzling away smelt divine, yum, it was enough to make our mouths water!

PC250029 Robin in charge of the chicken

Christmas lunch was a veritable feast with our chicken roll-ups served with a multitude of lovely fresh salads, washed down with sips of bubbly and grape-juice.  Dessert was a decadent home made chocolate cheesecake, piled high with strawberries and blueberries, and there was no space for Christmas Pudding and custard at all.  We will save that for another day.

PC250031 Plenty of Christmas lunch for all

After eating all day, it’s just about time to put our feet up and relax.  Perhaps an afternoon nap might be in order?  Merry Christmas from both of us and Muffy, to all our readers, followers, friends and fellow bloggers.  We hope you are all having an enjoyable Christmas with family and friends.  Keep safe on the roads and happy travelling. 

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