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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Finally Home

We had a very important job to do on our final morning morning at Otaki – cooking a “Big Breakfast” for our hosts Geoff and Eileen.  And for us too, of course.  We cooked and served four plates of bacon and eggs, hash browns and baked beans.  Very tasty, and a good start to the day.  Then Geoff did the honours and fired up the coffee machine, which finished our breakfast off nicely.

Then it was back to the caravan to tidy things up.  With clean sheets and towels, and the floor vacuumed, we are just about ready for our next trip away in a week’s time.  Muffy thought she was helping, getting under the bed, and climbing into storage locker.  Any hole is interesting to her, no matter how many times she has explored it before.

PC170007 Another hole to explore

Robin manoeuvred the caravan around from behind the house, watching out for the soffit to make sure we didn’t scrape it.  Down the drive, through the new widened gateway, and we were homewards bound.

PC170009 Out through the new gate

After a short 25km drive we were home, unpacked the caravan, did two loads of washing, and cleaned out the fridge.  With Christmas coming up fast, it won’t be too long at all till we are on the road again.

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