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Sunday, 29 December 2013

It’s raining in sunny Foxton

The town sign says “Welcome to Sunny Foxton” but the rain is pouring down.  Not only that, but we had a thunder storm last night, followed by a torrential down pour.  That got the caravanners who hadn’t closed their roof vents up on their feet and out of the hall very quickly!  But to be fair, it was nice and sunny, if a little grey,  when we arrived.  The Manawatu Caravan Club grounds are full to the brim, with all the casual campsites fully booked over the holiday period. 

PC270030 All set for the next few days

It was hot enough to be sun hat weather out in the sunshine before the wind kicked in.  Being so close to Foxton Beach, it can get very windy here.  Our new fun acquisition “Chatter Santa” came outside to meet our fellow campers.  Whatever they said, Santa repeated right back, including some rather rude words!  But then they turned him upside down to check out his nether regions.  Surely the words aren’t coming out of that end! 

PC280001 Wonder what’s up here?

PC280004Oh  no, Eileen can’t help but check too

The Christmas lights strung over the large Norfolk Pine at the entrance to the camp were faulty.  In came a large truck equipped with a cherry picker to fix the problem.  The workman was lifted high amongst the branches, checking connections and such, before coming down to earth.  In spite of repeated announcements that the camp entrance would be closed for a short time while this work was being carried out, a steady line of cars drove up and were stopped in their tracks.

PC280005 Fixing the Christmas lights

In the evening we joined others in the hall for the “Tui Top Quiz”.  Tui beer drinkers know that there is a question (and answer) printed on the underneath of each Tui beer cap.  A huge amount of these beer caps had been collected over the year, and Topsy from the camp committee compiled the evening quiz.  Teams of four sat at a table, and we were given a pile of the bottle tops to help us with the answers.  Not as easy as it sounds, as the printing is so tiny that it was almost impossible to read.

PC280007 Searching for that elusive answer

We named our team the “Heretaunga Wanderers”, and by the end of the evening we were pleased that we had done reasonably well, and didn’t come in last.  We weren’t first either, by a long shot.  In fact, our only real claim to fame during the evening was when Elaine was announced winner of guessing the (closest) number of Tui bottle caps in the container.  And received some fancy chocolates and a bag for her prize.

PC280008 Topsy calling out questions – will we know the answers?

After the earlier downpour the road was full of puddles and the ground was soggy and wet.  But the Norfolk Pine was well lit up so I sloshed through the wet conditions to try and capture the colours against the dark of the night.

PC280018 Pretty colours in the dark

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