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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas is coming fast

Christmas is coming when the Pohutakawa trees are covered in spiky crimson flowers tipped with yellow.  Here in our part of paradise  these are known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree.  We spent a little time at the Paraparaumu shopping mall recently and these trees were opposite the car park. 

PC160006 Pohutakawa – New Zealand Christmas Tree

Another clue to remind us all that Christmas is coming fast (in case we have forgotten)  are the Christmas decorations throughout the shopping malls, and Christmas carols blaring out.  Everyone scurries around, trying to find that elusive gift for that difficult someone we all seem to have in our families.  With their blank, staring eyes, the worried ones look rather like “shopping zombies”.

And it’s only at this time of year that Father Christmas and his clones make an appearance at the malls throughout the country, in fact, across the world.  But not everyone was stressed out with Christmas shopping when we were in Paraparaumu.  We recognised this happy face cuddling up to Santa.  He had given her some lollipops too!  

PC160001 Father Christmas and Julie

It was Julie, one of the friendly neighbours from our village.    Lucky I had my camera handy to record her special moment.

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