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Monday, 23 December 2013

Kiwitea – here we come

After recuperating from yesterday’s 90th Birthday Bash, we spent the morning loading up the caravan for our family Christmas in rural Kiwitea.  So much food was packed inside the caravan, we seem to be preparing for a siege.  That’s usually the way it is with Christmas preparations, wouldn’t you agree?  Mustn’t forget the Christmas presents – they were loaded safely onboard too.  We waved goodbye to our neighbours, and headed off on our trip, just stopping briefly to fill up with diesel.

PC230029 Set up for Christmas at Kiwitea

The family had so much food in the fridge that Robert was worried that there was no room left for his beer.  How was he going to manage to keep his beer cool?  Then he had a bright idea.  He drove the horse truck up to the house, plugged it into the power, and now he could use the truck fridge as a beer fridge.  Problem solved!

PC230034Used for the Christmas beer fridge

Daughter Nicky was busy preparing food in the kitchen all afternoon, and the delicious smell of glazed ham baking in the oven came wafting right outside to the caravan.  I’m sure it will taste just as good as it smells too.  Roll on Christmas day.

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