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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Celebrating her 90th Birthday


Robin’s Mum had reached the grand old age of 90 years and we had a family lunch to celebrate.  I was dropped off at the Winemaker’s Daughter restaurant to get the table ready and await the other guests while Robin drove down to Waikanae to collect the guest of honour.  The helium filled balloon was tied to the back of her chair,and  the joint gift arranged on the table.  While I was waiting another family group called in to have lunch.  I couldn’t believe my ears  when the young lad, aged about 10 asked, “Is there any technology here?  Like Broadband?”, as he lifted his lap top onto the table.  No there wasn’t, so he just had to play games instead.

Bonnie presumed that just Robin and I were taking her out for lunch, so was pleasantly surprised when other family members came to the table.  Especially her daughter Kaye and hubby Jan who had flown in from Vietman.  Everyone had a good catch-up with news, and we ordered our lunch from the Christmas menu.
PC220006 Bonnie the birthday girl

PC220004The Money Tree

Lunch was quite a long leisurely affair, with plenty of the other tables filling up with family groups as well.  Then we drove back to our home for coffee and birthday cake.

PC220016 Cutting the cake

PC220010Gary, Bonnie, Kaye and Robin

The afternoon was very successful, with a nice meal, balloon, cake and gifts, and a lot of talk and laughter.  Bonnie had a lovely afternoon, she assured us, surrounded by family members.

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