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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Last Day of the Christmas Rally

We’ve had great weather over the weekend for the Christmas Rally at Otaki.  With five caravans parked on the front lawn, and a couple around the back, there was still room for another van or two.  There is always plenty going on at a rally, and this weekend was no exception.  Plenty of chat and laughter, morning teas and 4zees, Christmas lunch out,  delicious supper, and and we even had time to squeeze in an official club meeting too.

PC140016 Squatters on the front lawn

The farmer out the back moved his dairy cows down to the paddocks over the fence.  They really enjoyed eating their way through the lush grass, and we could hear them chomping away and chewing very loudly.  And just to prove that the grass is always greener, some of them tried to sample Geoff and Eileen’s trees over the fence. To our “townie” eyes, the cows looked in excellent condition with their nice shiny coats.  They stayed close by  for one day only, and then the farmer moved his herd on to fresh pastures bright and early the following morning.

PC140024The next door neighbours

Don gave us a demonstration of Pamela’s new TravelScoot mobility scooter.  This three wheeler folds up to fit into a kit bag, which makes it very easy to put in a car, or even take it on planes.  It all unfolded very easily, the seat was attached, the lithium battery put in place, and the scooter was ready for action.

PC130001Don showing how easy it is to assemble

PC130004Pamela on her new mobility scooter

There’s something irresistible to men about a raised car bonnet, isn’t there? First two of them looked under here.

PC150036 Checking out Bill’s motor

Then three of them looked under this other one.  You have to wonder what they are hoping to find.

PC150037 Having a look at our car

Tiger, one of the household cats liked to prowl around, checking out all the visitors who had invaded her home during the weekend.  Then she had Muffy in her sights and the pair of them stared at each other through the screen door of our caravan.  When Tiger got tired of that, she would stretch out on the nice warm concrete in the sun.

PC150039 Tiger enjoying the warm weather

Muffy wasn’t too bothered by tiger’s fierce stare through the door.  It may well be Tiger’s territory outside, but it’s Muffy’s caravan, and she’s quite happy staying put inside, thank you very much.

PC150041 Muffy is snug and happy inside the caravan

It was the last day of the weekend rally, and some packed up and headed off after morning tea.  Others stayed on for lunch before heading home.  All except us, we are staying on an extra night or two.  The four of us shared an “overstayers dinner” of local fish and chips, followed by some of that delicious chocolate roll from  the previous night - yummy.

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