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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Early Arrivals at Otaki Rally

With a caravan rally booked for the weekend, why not go early?  Seems the logical thing to do, why not enjoy a four day weekend?  So we did.  Packed up the caravan, collected the cat, and set off down the road to Otaki to fellow caravanners Geoff and Eileen’s property.  There was a hold up on SH1 and the traffic came to a stand still.  Tree trimming was being done on the roadside, and it was down to one lane only.  One workman was up at tree top level in a cherry picker lopping off overhanging branches, while several of his mates were down at ground level directing the traffic.

PC120064 Trimming the trees

It was just like old times when we parked up behind the house.  This is where we stayed this time last year for several months while our new home was built.  Two other caravans decided to have a long weekend too, Don and Pamela parked on the large front lawn, and Peter and Elaine joined us around the back. 

PC120066 Parked behind the house

It was a very relaxed afternoon and we enjoyed 4zees on the patio, catching up with everyone’s news.  The rest of the caravan club members are expected tomorrow, when the rally will officially get underway.  Meanwhile, it was pleasant just to sit and chat, and enjoy the pleasant conditions.  That’s what caravanning is all about.

PC120067 Out on the patio

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