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Monday, 30 December 2013

Foxton Beach

It was great to catch up with friends Geoff and Pauline today – staying just up the road at the NZMCA Drop-In Rally.  With 90 or so vans on site, it was quite a gathering.  We walked around the grounds, peering at the different vans till we found them.

PC300023 NZMCA Drop-In Rally at Foxton School

We were warmly welcomed and once Charlie the Schnauzer had barked a greeting (or maybe a warning?) at us, he settled down nicely.  Until one of the many other dogs at the camp came trotting past – then Charlie got all of a-quiver and he really, really wanted to go and play doggy games with them.

PC300027 Charlie with Pauline

Just like our Romany Rambler, people often name their caravans and motor-homes something quite pertinent and meaningful.  Just like this one – there is sure to be a story in this.

PC300024 Interesting choice of name

With Foxton Beach practically on our doorstep, we felt we really should go down and check it out.  The car park was full with cars, campervans and several large passenger buses.  We never did find out where the buses were from, or what kind of group had been transported to Foxton Beach.
PC300035 Sign at Foxton Beach

People were everywhere, on the beach, in the water, walking up and down the pathways to the beach.  Wet swim suits were deftly removed from tiny bodies, followed by a brisk rub of a beach towel, then the kids were helped into their shorts and tee shirts.
  PC300030 Enjoying themselves on Foxton Beach

Rain clouds were rolling in from the north and the big fat drops put a damper on our beach watching.  There was only one thing for it – we purchased a hokey-pokey ice-cream (New Zealand’s number one favourite flavour) from the ice-cream van in the car park and sat in the car eating our delicious creamy treat as the rain came down.
PC300029 Dune Conservation Area

Motor vehicles are allowed on the beach, but can access the beach at designated entry points only.  Speed is restricted to 30km and cars are permitted to drive on hard beach sand only.  Going on soft sand or into the surf at their peril, one would think.  Foxton Beach is part of the Coastal Reserves, and the sand dunes are under protection.  Beach Wardens make daily patrols to make this a safe area for all.

PC300033 Signs on the beach

The afternoon weather couldn’t decide if it was going to be sunny or wet, we had first one then the other.  We took a chance on sitting outside at 4zees, that worked for a while until the rain came down again.  Drinks and nibbles were gathered up, tables and chairs were folded up quickly and put under cover, and everyone retired to our caravan to continue with 4zees. 


Bernice said...

Ha, we met "Grumpy bum and me" last week in Auckland, and "me" assured us that he was indeed a "grumpy bum"!

Jenny and Robin said...

Oh Bernice, that is so funny! Just goes to show what a small world we live in.