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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A bit of a stink!!!

It all started when a sign appeared on the toilet block door.  “Closed – use the other block down by the office”.  There must be a blockage, was the general consensus.


In rumbled a large truck from J B’s Septic Tank Cleaners .  We were amused to see the signage which proudly stated: Number 1 for Number 2s.  Then a small front end loader appeared.  The turf was carefully cut and removed and the tractor got down to business, exposing the top of the septic tank.  In went the hose and J B’s started the pump out.


What a stink.  All the people crowding around to see what was going on beat a hasty retreat as the malodorous odours drifted about the camp.  The kids jumped on their bikes and pedalled quickly away  “Ooh, that stinks”, they called out, “What a pong”.   That certainly  cleared the area. 


Just another bit of entertainment in camp life!!

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