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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Having fun in Horowhenua

Hyde Park Museum

We had a day in the sun visiting several attractions in the Horowhenua region last Sunday, with our SLG friends. First stop was the private Hyde Park Museum at Te Horo. The building is full to overflowing with all sorts of treasures from yesteryear, and the owners Sel and Ngaire are only to happy to chat about the various items on display. We were proudly told that some of their items had been borrowed and used in the film King Kong.

Just the thing while the wives do their shopping

Next visit was to "Loco", a miniature railway set amongst a large 2 acre garden. We ate our picnic lunches while relaxing under the shady trees. Pam decided to try out the hammock for a little snooze and Anne was spotted enjoying a swing under the trees. The trains were started up and we wandered around, admiring the different trains as they puffed along the tracks set amongst the garden. Life like sound effects emanated from some of the buildings. The saw mill, the school yard and the pub were just a few that had sound effects.

Loco Garden Railway

We then drove up to Celtic Winery for a wine tasting. This property is delightfully situated on the shores of Lake Horowhenua. Celtic Winery is the first fruit winery to be fully certified organic in NZ. The wines are made in the old Celtic tradition of patience and working with the seasons and mature naturally without additives. We voted the Black Doris Port a winner and bought ourselves a bottle. We were intrigued with two very large black faced sheep in an adjoining paddock. They were named Bilbo and Pippin and were quite a pair of show offs.

Bilbo and Pippin

Our day in the sun finished with a BBQ at John and Jan's home. The sausages were cooking, the sun was beating down, we were in the company of good friends, so what more could we ask for?

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