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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Two sleeps to go

Only two more sleeps to go till Christmas. We took the caravan up to Paekakariki Motor Camp last Friday evening and put it on site, and the awning has been erected. So all the hard work has been done for when we get to camp on Wednesday after work.

Things have been very busy at home today after we returned home from work. Robin has cut the lawns yet again to keep the place looking tidy, while Jenny has been busy preparing food for the Christmas day feast. So far she has made a kumara (sweet potatoe) salad, assembled the chicken breast and bacon roll-ups for the barbecue, and made a yummy chocolate cherry slice. Muffy has been delivered to the cattery for her holiday - not again, she was probably thinking.

The tomorrow after work it us just a matter of packing a chilly bin with the food, remembering to put the BBQ and the Christmas presents in the back of the 4WD, and checking off the lists so that we don't forget anything important. Not to forget some books, the cameras, some sewing for Jenny to do. Then away we go for a couple of weeks R&R at the Motor Camp. This will be a "working holiday" and we will drive down to work from the camp. But we have the statuary holidays off and the lovely long summer evenings to enjoy. Perhaps we will even have a swim or two down at the beach.

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