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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Happy 85th Birthday Mum

Yesterday was a very special day, it was Robin's Mum's 85th birthday.  Three sons, one daughter, spouses and various assorted grandchildren all gathered at the historic Manukau Hotel for a 85th Birthday Lunch.  It was a very wet day but that didn't dampen spirits as everyone met and mingled.

A couple of helium filled balloons were tied to the back of the birthday girl's seat of honour at the long dining table.  Robin opened the proceedings and welcomed everyone.  Then Hannah, as the eldest grand-daughter in attendance, presented a lovely bouquet of flowers to her Nana. 

2008_12200005 (Medium)

Robin's Mum Bonnie had requested "no presents please", but did anyone listen?  No, of course not.  The family had all pooled together and purchased a digital photo frame, with the various families each contributing their own photos. Robin set this up and it was running throughout the meal. 

2008_12200006 (Medium)

We all enjoyed a tasty buffet meal of ham, roast lamb and fried fish, served with hot vegetables and salad.  The salad had some of the guests confused and wondering if it was in fact part of the dessert as it came with strawberries artistically arranged on top.  Pavlova, fresh fruit salad and Christmas mince pies completed the meal.

"Let's take some group photos", someone suggested.  The trick then was  to get sixteen people of assorted heights arranged on the hotel staircase.  Next, nab a passing staff member and cajole her into taking photo after photo with all those different cameras lined up on the hall table.  "It's all part of the service", we were told.

PC202976 (Medium)

Happy 85th Birthday Mum, may you have many more.

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