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Monday, 8 December 2008

Where's Santa?

December is the Silly Season with all the various Christmas get-togethers happening one after another. This last weekend we visited Tatum Park for our Christmas Rally with the caravan club. There are 30 acres of grounds, with a large part of this being in native bush. All this bush attracts a lot of beautiful native birds. The elegant tree lined drive is known as Pilgrims Way and leads a to the large homestead which was built in 1912 for Major Charles Tatum. The locals at the time thought that Major Tatum fancied himself as the local squire and he was often seen on horseback riding around his property and further afield.

The Homestead at Tatum Park

The property later became the National Training and Conference Centre for the Scout Association and has now passed into private hands once more and used for weddings and conferences. There is a large area set aside for camping but the facilities here are a bit tired and need to be updated. Some of the trees need a bit of pruning back and and we noticed a large boat lurking in the undergrowth. Obviously someone's pride and joy at some stage, but it now looks rather abandoned.

Look what's hiding in the trees

The weather was great for our weekend away, wonderfully warm and sunny. The men were busy adding awnings sides to a handy lean-to, just the place, the committee decided, to serve our Pot Luck evening meal. Tables were arranged, Christmas lights were hung, the food was brought in, and we all sat down decked out in an assortment of Christmas hats. We tucked into a varied selection of salads with cold cuts of ham, pickled pork, chicken and corned beef on offer, with some hot dishes too. Delightful desserts tempted the taste buds, and the committee provided wine to complete the gourmet menue.

Building our Dining Hall

After our meal Santa's two helpers, Graeme and Kathryn, distributed gifts to us all, including some rather noisy whistles and clappers which kept everyone amused for some time. Jenny was disappointed that the "Big Man in Red' did not put in a personal appearance, she rather fancied sitting on his knee. Perhaps that is why he didn't front up.

Still waiting for Santa

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