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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sand, paint and bake

Robin had another little job to do on his Christmas break at camp.  The metal cover over the gas water heater outlet on the outside of the caravan had become a little rusty.  Why this cover was made of rust prone material in the first place is beyond belief.  Peter had offered to help Robin with this little job and the two of them got together one sunny afternoon.


Adding Drainage Holes

After unscrewing the the two piece cover the first step was to sand them down with wet and dry sandpaper.  Then looking all the world like an overage  graffiti artist, Robin was in his element wielding the spray can of “Hot Engine Paint”.  He had the covers hanging up on wire hooks from a handy tree and the paint soon dried in the warm afternoon temperatures.


Spray Painting

Once dry the two fellows rubbed them down lightly with sand paper and then repainted them.  Peter then touched up some spots with his special rust inhibitor resin.

To set the paint   it needed to be heated.  How to do that?  Why not heat it in our caravan oven?  Robin preheated the gas oven and Jenny covered the oven tray with aluminium foil.  Once the oven was up to heat, the covers were place inside and the heat turned off.  Hopefully the heat was sufficient to bake the paint.



Robin and Peter did their quality inspection check and declared the job perfect.  It was quick work to screw the cover back in place and admire their handiwork.  Thanks Peter for your help and advice.

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