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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The long trip down south

Son Michael is spreading his wings and is moving down to Christchurch for several months. So of course his cat Pixel had to come too. Pixel is an attractive grey tabby who liked the outdoor life back home in Auckland, coming inside for food, drinks, cuddles and sleeping. She has not had too much to do with cages, cars and travelling in her life to date. Yesterday was all too much for her much for her and she got very distressed. Michael stopped en route at Cambridge and sought the advice of a kindly vet who administered a sedative. A much more mellow Pixel completed the first stage of the long journey from Auckland to Wellington, arriving last night. Pixel spent the night in Muffy's custom built cat motel in the garage, away from strange people and noises and hopefully she got a good night's sleep.

Being quite a computer savvy type of guy, the first thing Michael wanted to do was plug in his lap top and check up on his emails. Michael is a real Apple Mac fan and won't have anything to do with that "other" brand of computer that is on the market.

It's Apple Mac for Michael

The next morning was just like the old school days. The alarm went off bright and early and Jenny called, "Are you getting up now Michael?" No reply. She called him again. "I heard you the first time", came from the bedroom. Grumble, grumble, why didn't he answer then? Some things never change, do they. She cooked him breakfast, made him a nice cup of coffee, guess the only thing she didn't do was make him a packed school lunch - those days are long gone. Then it was time to administer another happy pill to Pixel, and the travellers headed off for the second leg of the journey.

Ready to continue the journey south

Luckily the weather was calm so the Cook Strait Ferry crossing was smooth sailing. Michael and Pixel finally arrived at their destination in Christchurch in the early evening, after two solid days of travelling. Michael is planning on keeping a careful eye on Pixel till she realises that she has a new home. Wonder if the three local pussy cats who live in the house will understand Pixel's Auckland accent?

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