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Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Builder & his Apprentice

We hate the summer  flies that buzz around inside the caravan.  Our Leisureline caravan is equipped with a very clever two part door that incorporates a fly screen and the ceiling vents are screened as well.  But those pesky flies just come as they wish through the open windows.  So a couple of weeks  before Christmas we ordered fly screens for all the windows.

We collected five large and one small screen from the agent just prior to Christmas.  He had kindly attached the hinges for us and gave Robin a few pointers on how best to install them.  Robin had made sure he packed his battery powered drill to make the job easier, and purchased screws of the correct diameter.


Putting the Frame into position

First step was to take down the curtain rail.  Zip, zip, zip, that drill soon made short work of those screws.  Then Jenny had to hold the screen in the right position, that was easier said than done.  “You’ve moved it”, she was told.  “No I haven't”.  We had this same conversation many times!!  When the builder was finally satisfied the hinges were screwed up tight, and a catch was attached to each side of the screen.  Then the curtain rail was reattached.



There was not much room to manoeuvre and Robin had to do all sorts of contortions to be in the right position to wield his power drill.  Some of the screws had been inserted at an angle which made it very difficult to undo them.  Add to this the many times he dropped the tiny screws and misplaced his drill bits – it is no surprise that he got a bit heated at times.


More Contortions

After a few hours the job was finally completed.  We think the design of the screens is quite clever.  They open out into the interior of the caravan, allowing us to open up the window, then handy little clips keep them closed.  So now we can have all the windows open and the flies won’t be able to visit us.  The builder and his apprentice did a really good job!!

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