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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Life in Camp

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From a quiet camp on Xmas Eve the camp started filling up fast on Boxing Day.  Although everyone is saying that people are staying close to home this year the camp is by no means full with lots of spare sites around.  There is still time for more campers to arrive, time will tell.

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The adjacent “Dog Bay” is full up with dog owners in their tents and caravans.  This camp is one of the few that allows dogs on site which means that pet lovers do not have to kennel their pets over the Xmas season.  Luckily there does not seem to be much squabbling amongst the canine population, all dogs must be tethered on  their own site or on a lead when walking through the camp.

The camp covers a large area with many mature trees including Pohutukawa and Norfolk Pines which encourages a wide range of bird life. We have discovered a black bird nest in an adjacent bush. The mother bird is busy all day long feeding her chicks.  We hear bird song from dawn to dusk and it is a joy to the ears.  One of the more prominent bird songs is our native Tui who are in full voice.  They like to sing their throaty song from the highest point available.  They are also good mimics.

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Tui singing on top of a Norfolk Pine

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