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Monday, 22 December 2008

Deck the Halls

It’s way past time to deck the halls – not with “boughs of holly”, but with some of Jenny’s Christmas quilts.  Usually she likes to get the Christmas decorations up at the beginning of December, but this time around  the interior decorator seems to be running a little late.  Perhaps it’s a case of post holiday doldrums.  Never mind, there are a few hanging up, bringing a bit of Christmas cheer to the house.


Christmas Stars Quilt

We went to view the prizewinning decorated house in Upper Hutt last night.  No wonder the home owners were awarded the grand prize, the lights are a joy to behold.  We joined the throngs of people walking up and down the street admiring the display.  Not only was the house covered with a mass of lights, but all the trees and bushes in the garden were twinkling merrily away too. 


We heard a Mum tell her child, “Keep your eyes closed”, as she  guided her little one over to stand in front of the house.  The child had a hat pulled down right over her eyes.  “There”, said Mum, “that was worth keeping your eyes closed for, wasn’t it!”.  Such is the wonder of Christmas, we couldn’t agree more.


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