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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Chop, chop

Last week we had the neighbour's friends offer to chop a few "out of control" branches off an over hanging tree. This tree had been attacked by some sort of burrowing insects which had made rather large holes in the branches and trunk. Once the offending branches were cut down (with absolute ease, we noted, by the chain saw welding fellow) we were amazed to see that the insects had eaten right along the length of the branches.

Today was Robin's turn to deal with all the debris that had been piled up behind the garage for the last week. He hasn't got one of those ever so handy chain saws so had to make do with a skill saw. Not quite in the same league but it did the job a lot more easily than the hand saw he was contemplating using. He cut the thicker branches into short lenghts, and delivered this to the other next door neighbour to use next winter in her fire place. All the small rubbishy bits got loaded up and taken to the tip. After all this hard work he had to sit down and have a cold beer!!

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