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Friday, 19 December 2008

Mexican Standoff

Muffy, our beautiful Birman, is usually very placid and calm. But she has taken quite a dislike to the adolescent fluffy female tabby who lives in the flat next door. There have been various incidences of hissing and snarling when this intruder dares to come into our back yard. The young couple who own the cat have parted company, with the boyfriend and the cat left behind to console each other on their loss. Sadly, he does not seem well versed in cat care, as the animal is often heard crying outside the door at night.

Up on the roof

Regardless of the woes of this broken family, Muffy is adamant that this young upstart must be kept in her place. Here was "Fluffy" (we don't know her real name) perched up high on the roof of the flat. Muffy had climbed to the top of the fence and was glaring up at her. The message was clear. "You are not coming down till I say so".

"You will stay there till I say so!!"

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