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Thursday, 4 December 2008

What - us read the fine print??

At a recent caravan rally we were lamenting on the fact that Robin's driving mishap with the rental car in UK cost us 600 pound sterling, that's NZ$1675.09. "Check your travel insurance", we were told, "you will probably be covered for the excess".

So, a month or so after returning home, we finally got around to reading the fine print. And yes, our policy did in fact provide cover for loss of excess on car rentals. Our claim was lodged with the insurance company but we had a hitch when we were told that we didn't provide enough information about the cost of the damage. How would we know that, we were only charged the excess. Several e-mails later the details were forwarded to our insurers and the claim accepted, less another small excess, of course.

Many thanks to Peter from the Caravan Club for his timely advice. We had no idea that we were covered for this. The moral of the story is - always read the fine print!!

A happy Robin - with cheque in hand

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