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Sunday, 4 January 2009

On our own again

We have gone from a happy bunch of  five club caravans in our own little part of the camp down to just ourselves.  All the others packed up and left on Sunday morning.  We watched as they dismantled awnings, packed up all their belongings, hooked the car up to the caravan and drove off home.  The mass exodus was not without some drama though.  Crack……it sounded just like a rifle shot and brought everyone outside to see what had happened.  Graeme’s stabiliser had snapped in two.  He unhooked the offending object and vowed to deal with it in his workshop at home.


Ooh – it’s broken

We decided to stay an extra week and commute to work from the camp, which means we have to be up especially early and ready to leave at 6.00am each morning.  But then we have the late afternoons and evenings to enjoy ourselves in camp.  There is plenty of wildlife here in this area.  The mature trees attract a large number of birds, which delight us with their song from dawn to dusk.  We have noticed  a few rabbits hopping around.  The nearby stream is home to eels and trout.  One of our group was concerned about the very steep banks of the stream and told a youngster to keep away “as there were alligators lurking there”.  She wasn’t the least bit impressed with this statement, looked  him in the eye and loudly declared, “There are no alligators in New Zealand”.  Quite right too.

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