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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Easier said than done

How many people did it take to erect our awning in the weekend?  We started off with two.  Jenny was feeding the rope edge into the awning track while Robin pulled it through.  But she wasn’t doing a terribly good job so then Bruce stepped in to help.  Bruce brought the number up to three.

Robin then slipped the poles into place, no trouble there.   The next step was to peg the awning down.  This was easier said than done, as we were camping in an alluvial river valley.   Bang, bang, bang went the hammer on top of the metal pegs.  “This ground is full of rocks, my pegs keep bending”, Robin exclaimed angrily.  Bang, bang, bang again to straighten the pegs out  before tried again.  Then Peter came to the rescue.  He poked about with a pole trying to find a rock free area of earth so that Robin could  get the pegs in easily.  Peter was number four.


Finding out where the rocks are

The awning was flapping madly in the wind and at  last the pegs were all finally hammered in.  Other club members wandered over to see what was  going on.  They like to see work being done by others and generally call out all sorts of unhelpful advice!! 


The porch awning is finally up

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