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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A message from Muffy

Hi, Muffy here. You know me, I am the beautiful blond one of the family. I thought I would tell you all about the fun I had last night. It was another one of those hot summer days. It was too hot for me to eat my dinner so I went and stretched put on the bed. Robin and Jenny opened up all the doors and windows, and had the fan blowing too, anything to cool the place down. They went outside and sat on the deck in the early evening as it was cooler out there than in the house. I had enough of resting at this stage and ran outside onto the back lawn. "We'll have trouble getting that cat inside tonight", I heard Robin say.

I had a nice luxurious roll on the concrete path which was still quite warm from the sun. The birds were twittering as they put themselves to bed and I chased a few moths as the dusk slowly changed to night. "Muffy, Muffy", I heard them calling me. I wasn't ready to go in so I ran away and hid. "She'll just have to stay out then", I heard them mutter. They went inside, shut the doors and windows, and turned all the lights off. Must be time for bed.

Not for me though. There were lots of interesting smells to sniff and check out. And little scurrying sounds under the deck. I was really enjoying myself outside in the warm evening. After an hour or so I heard the door open and Jenny came out. As she walked up to me I thought, "No way am I going in, it's much to early". I waited till she reached out, then, quick as a wink, away I ran. "You can't catch me", I thought. Back she walked inside, and off went the lights again. Oh, this is such fun.

Another hour went by and I heard her at the door, calling me. I don't think she could see me, but she was perfectly clear to me. Us cats have really good eyesight at night. I moved quietly away in case she spotted me, but I don't think she did. Bang went the door, then all was in darkness again. Once more she came out, padding down the concrete path in her bare feet. I was getting just a little bit lonely by this stage, so I stayed where I was and let her pick me up and carry me inside. "You really are a naughty girl, Muffy", she said, "keeping me up half the night, worrying about you being outside". Guess it was time for bed by then, but I certainly ran rings around them, didn't I?


Derek and Dot said...

Well done Jenny, great for a laugh, I told you you were a gifted writer.
Take casre Dot

Robin and Jenny said...

Thank you for your kind words.
Muffy dictated, and we typed!!