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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Blue Dome Days

We have had wonderful weather this weekend.  “Blue Dome” days as the weather presenters say.  Hot days with perfect blue skies,  without a cloud to be seen. We went to Wellington yesterday and came across this band of Palestinian expats.  They were performing on a corner with a big sign asking for donations to provide medical aid for the people of Gaza.


Collecting for medical aid

Coming home we took a detour through Island Bay.  Hard up against the hill was this replica lighthouse, built as a family home.  Imagine walking up the steep stairs in this house.


Fancy living in a light house?

Looking out to sea we saw the inter-island ferry in Cook Strait, returning to Picton in the South Island from Wellington.  It would have been a great day for a trip.


Muffy finds all this hot weather a bit much to cope with.  She likes to stretch out on the bed and snooze the afternoon away.  What an easy life she leads!


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