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Monday, 19 January 2009

Boulders, Bollards and Birthdays

Catchpool Valley, in the Rimutaka Forest Park was our venue for the three day Wellington Anniversary Weekend.  This Department of Conservation Park has basic camping facilities and the setting is unspoilt. 


Catchpool Valley Campground

The first mishap of the weekend happened on Friday evening when Graeme and Kathryn came hurtling down the dirt track.  Several boulders have been strategically placed on the side of the road to stop people cutting corners and driving over the grass.   Their caravan ran over one of the boulders and we all thought it was going to flip over.  As he drove the car and caravan slowly towards us the strangest sound emanated, it was just like a squealing pig.  Once on site, Graeme took the wheel off to find that he had dented the rim.  The strange sound was air escaping through the damaged rim as the wheel turned around.

DSCF0563 The damage

Then on Saturday evening the second mishap happened.  Eileen got into her car to drive back to the caravan, when bang, bang!!  She got the wheels tangled up with some low bollards, which were  invisible in the dusk. 

In between all this motoring mayhem, we had a double birthday bash to celebrate.  Graeme and Barbara's birthdays are one day apart so they decided to join forces and have a double birthday celebration.  We toasted them with  birthday cake and wine on Saturday evening.  Then on Sunday morning we had even more celebrations with a Champagne Breakfast. 


Birthday Celebrations

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