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Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Campers

Whatever takes your fancy is the rule when camping.  Our preference is a caravan, and there are certainly plenty of these at camp.  Vintage models, nice shiny new ones, and all sorts in-between.  Most have an awning attached to give extra living space over the summer holidays.  A free standing gazebo is also another option.  We noticed this tiny little aluminium model – not many windows in this one.


Bright and shiny but few windows

Then there are the “tent cities” in camp.  Often friends and families come camping together and put their tents up close together so they all share the common areas.  Some of the modern tents are huge and are a good buy for families with young children.


Tent City

After a day spent at the beach, kids covered with sand are showered and beach towels, swim suits and wet suits hang out to dry on rope clothes lines strung between tents and a handy tree.  The washing machines in the laundry block are kept busy when Mums do the family laundry – at only $2.00 a load it is good value.  Each evening  the barbecues are fired up and the delicious smell of sausages and steak waft around.  Kiwis love a Summer camping holiday and each camp site is a home away from home.

Our time in camp is coming to an end.  We have taken down the Christmas lights that were strung around the outside of the caravan, packed up the rope light Christmas tree, and put away the fibre optic snow scene that sat on the kitchen bench.  “Where have the lights gone?”, we heard a boy ask his Mum last night.  The Christmas decorations certainly did look pretty twinkling away in the evenings.  Next Christmas we will do it all again!!

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