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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Round trip to Tongariro

We waved farewell to Geoff and Eileen today, so now we are in Taupo camping on our own.  They set off on their way to visit family in Auckland.  And check out the NZMCA park in Ardmore Airport, we were told.  Then we hit the road ourselves.  Armed with “something we prepared earlier”, our picnic lunch, we set off for Tongariro, pulling off the road at one of the parking areas alongside Lake Taupo.  There were plenty of others with the same idea, including young parents with two kids and a dog.  We watched as the young boy climbed into his kayak and paddled around the lake foreshore.

PB230011 Lunch beside Lake Taupo

Driving down to Turangi, we turned off on SH47, drove up the hill and pulled into another road side stop which gave us quite a different view of Lake Taupo and the surrounding area.

PB230026 Lake Taupo in the distance

Mt Tongariro was devoid of snow, but had steam venting from the sides.  This mountain has had quite a lot of volcanic activity is the last year, and is obviously still rumbling away deep inside
PB230034 Mt Tongariro is still very active

Our friends Dot and Derek have been staying at Tongariro Holiday Park, and as we had never visited this camp before, we invited ourselves around for afternoon tea - taking something tasty to share, we hasten to add.  This camp is very busy, with the world famous walking track, the Tongariro Crossing, close by.


So we caught up with all the news, had afternoon tea, checked out the camp, and returned the circular route to Taupo via SH46 going past Rangipo Prison.

PB230043 Dot and Derek at Tongariro

We arrived back in Taupo to find a whole new lot of campers at this very busy place, and a very cross pussy cat inside our caravan.  She let us know in no uncertain terms that she had been left home alone yet again, and it must surely be time for her meal to be served.

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