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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Jelly for Breakfast and an Ice-block for Lunch

That’s all I’ve had to eat on Monday – no solid food allowed.  Tea or coffee without milk (ugh), or lemonade, and the occasional barley sugar for energy.  In the evening we went back to the PWMC restaurant and I watched while Robin enjoyed his meal of crumbed fish, salad and chips, and I made do with a glass of lemonade.

Then there were all those packets of that horrible “stuff” given to me in a discrete brown paper bag to mix up and consume quickly without gagging at carefully timed intervals.  Robin delivered me to the hospital early in the morning for my “procedure”.  (I’m sure I won’t have to spell it out, one of those unmentionable procedures which seem rather like something that would be done in a torture chamber).

With my dignity restored, I was sitting up in bed in the recovery area and given a cup of coffee and a couple of plain biscuits to make up for my long time without eating.  Then the power flickered and went out.  We found out later outages were reported to many areas of the North Island.  Transpower said the power cuts occurred after an issue on the HVDC inter-island link which connects the electricity networks of the North and South Islands.   Hutt Hospital is well set up for this sort of problem, and their emergency system kicked in.  I’m pleased I wasn’t left in the dark in the middle of my procedure. 

I was amused to see several other patients in the recovery area tapping away on their cell phones – but I guess they had been incommunicado for the last couple of hours and couldn’t wait for their next fix. 

The nice doctor called by for a chat.  Good news or bad news, I wondered?  Everything went well in theatre, and no nasties were found, he told me, so I breathed a sigh of relief.  Robin collected me from hospital, we hooked up the caravan, and drove home.  He’s in charge of the evening meal, I told him, as I’m still recovering.  He soon had it sussed, and ordered pizza for tea.

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