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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Moving on

Our time in sunny Hastings has come to an end and it’s time to move on.  It is so pleasant staying here at the apple orchard, we really want to return for another relaxing stay.  And perhaps stay for a week next time.  Although the orchard mainly grows Pacific Rose apples, there are also pear trees, plus something I couldn’t identify.  These young fruit were golden and covered in a furry skin – turns out they were quinces.

PB190006 Quince tree in the orchard

One of the family members at the orchard have a strange looking dog and we have been guessing what breed it is.  Probably one of those designer type dogs, we supposed, and my best guess is a cross between a pug and a Pekinese.  It has a funny little monkey face, short little legs, and looks like a mop as it runs around the grass.

PB200013 What breed is it?, we wondered

Muffy didn’t like the yappy little cavoodle in the 5th wheeler next door, a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a Poodle.  She was outside enjoying the sun and that noisy dog yapped away at her, while Muffy kept a close watch that it didn’t come any closer.  If it dared, she was going back inside!

PB200012 Muffy keeping a close watch on the dog next door

The 5th wheeler was moving on and Robin watched as the rig was hooked up – very easily as it turned out.  He would dearly love one of these, but in all honesty, they are much too big for us.  And where would we park it?  The owners of this one have to park it up in a friend’s paddock.

Spiekerman POP - 5th Wheeler Hitching Up -1 Backing up

Spiekerman POP - 5Th Wheeler Hitching Up - 2 The hitch plate

We have spent the last few days in the company of Peter and Elaine, who are enjoying their time in the orchard so much they want to stay on a bit longer.  Yesterday Geoff and Eileen joined us,  after spending time with their son from overseas. Our two vans are travelling on to tackle the Gentle Annie road between Napier and Taihape.  In earlier years this road was unsealed and was rather challenging, although we believe it has now been upgraded.  So all we ask is,  “Annie, be gentle with us”.  
PB200037 Nicely Settled in the Apple Orchard

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