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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Another Day, another Hospital

It was Robin’s turn today – he spent the morning at Palmerston North Hospital.  First here, then there, all to check that he and his CPAP (constant pressure airway pump machine for sleep apnoea) were both working well.  The machine hadn’t been checked for some time, and we were concerned that it may not be working as it should.  Although it is close to ten years old, the technician passed it with flying colours.

Then it was on to the slim, trim doctor, who said those words we dread to hear.  “What are you doing about your weight?” he asked.  We both squirmed in our seats.  Although Robin was the patient and the question was addressed to him, I could read between the lines.   Oh dear – this doctor is going to write to our GP about this very matter.  Guess we will get summoned in to see her some time soon.

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