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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Menz Shed – no Women Allowed

The local Levin branch of the Menz Shed had an “Open Day” today.  First opened in 2011, it provides a place where men could come and use their skills, chat to other like minded blokes, share some stories, use the tools and materials provided, and remain being creative and useful.  Members could bring their own personal projects to work on, or take part in community projects if they so wished.

With so many retirees downsizing and moving to a smaller home, or a retirement village, they often have to leave behind their large workshops and former friends.  Social contacts and being useful are major contributors to health and well being.  The Levin Menz Shed has been set up to meet these needs.

Robin had always intended to join this group, (perhaps after the busy Christmas period) and paid a visit with Geoff today.  They were impressed with the different tools and machines available, and help and advice is always on hand, they were told.  There were wooden toys made by members for sale at very reasonable prices, and these bring in much needed funds.

It certainly seems a good place for men to gather and get some “time out” from domestic life.  Even though this group is for men only, I bet a woman would be allowed to cross the threshold if she came bearing a tray of home baked goodies for the men to enjoy!

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