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Sunday, 3 November 2013

A non-caravan kind of weekend

We were staying home this weekend, with no trip away in the caravan, but there was still plenty to keep us busy.  Robin loudly stated that both of the vehicles were in dire need of a wash.  Robin understands that washing cars is not part of my Job Description, and he often quotes, “You don’t wash cars and I don’t do ironing”.  I think he rather enjoys this chore, soaping the vehicle, hosing the bubbles off, and polishing the windows.  He takes pride in a clean car, especially if we are going on a trip or a visit somewhere.  But then the car gets dirty and dusty again, and he has to start all over again.

PB020007 Covered in suds

Next on the list was several trips down to the lock-up to collect various items that will now be living in the new shed.  Cartons of this and that, long forgotten tools, Robin even found a First Aid kit in the bottom of a carton.  That will be going in one of the cars, I should think.  All this took time, especially finding homes for all these bits and pieces.  Perhaps some of them will find a new home down at the Op Shop soon, he needs to have a sort out, he says.  The new shed is filling up fast.

After tea Robin went to water the garden – I think he is really pleased that we have broccoli almost ready to harvest, and cabbage and cauliflower coming up fast.  The lettuce and silver beet still have a way to go - there is something quite satisfying about your own little veggie patch, isn’t there?  We’ve been lucky with the weekend weather, and the birds are singing in the tall trees at the back boundary.   All’s well in our little part of paradise.

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