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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Another Blue Dome Taupo Day

It’s been another beautiful Blue Dome day, as the weather presenter used to say.  It is certainly high summer temperatures here at Lake Taupo, with not a hint of the cold winds which often blow across the lake, down from the mountains.  Indeed, the lake side is looking a little like Taupo Riviera today.  Scores of scantily clad young women sunbathing in their bikinis, lying on the grass or taking possession of the narrow strip of sand.  Some hearty souls were in braving the cold lake water. 

PB240082 Enjoying Lake Taupo

And of course there are boats everywhere.  Little kayaks, motor boats, and much grander ones with sails.  We saw car after car arrive with boat trailers at the boat ramp, ready to launch into the water.  And they all left their cars and boat trailers behind.  At this particular boat ramp, there must have been 70 or so cars and trailers parked up.  And this is just one of many dotted around the lake.

PB240073 Boat trailers galore

There is a smart new large seating area that has recently been constructed on the lake side.  Underneath is the new town supply water intake, hidden away from view.  The seating area is a lovely design, made from timber, concrete tiles, and softened with planted areas. This would be a lovely place to sit and contemplate the lake.

PB240084 New recreational area at the lake side

The cast iron sculpture “Reflection” seems to be doing just that.  Or maybe he just has a headache.  It was made by Max Patte from Wellington, and is on loan from the Taupo District Council.

PB248150 “Reflection” on the lake side

We concluded our blue dome Taupo day with a meal at the Wairakei Resort, chosen purely because we liked the sound of the radio ad.  When we heard about a Sunday roast, just like Mother used to make, we were hooked.  And the price was very reasonable too.  We told the manager that we had booked in because of the power of advertising.

PB240001 Wairakei Resort

The buffet food looked amazing, all nicely set out, and the chef explained what was hiding under the covers.  With a choice of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, or roast pork with lots of crackle, how could we not be happy.  Especially when the chef informed us sir and madam could have both meats if they so desired.  And come back as many times as we wished. 

PB240004 The buffet service with desserts in the background

But no, we weren’t that greedy.  We started off with prawn salad, followed by roast meat (we took both)  and veggies – so delicious.  Dessert was a choice of pavlova, trifle, cheese-cake and fresh fruit salad, all good Kiwi desserts, the chef told us.  Come back for seconds, he said, but no, we were quite replete, thank you very much.  I managed to sip a coffee to finish, but Robin was full to the brim.  At $29.50 each, it was excellent value, in quite posh surroundings.

PB240008  Dinner for two, please

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