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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

30th Anniversary

In our house-hold, Guy Fawkes Night has a different meaning than the more usual fireworks.  Bangers, double happies, sky rockets, pin wheels and jumping jacks may all be doing their best to bang, whizz and generally light up the sky, but 5th November means more than that to us, it is our wedding anniversary.  Being the same day as when Guy Fawkes tried to do his dastardly deed with the Gun Powder Plot all those years ago, makes it easy for the husband of the house to remember this special date.  And it is a Big One this year, we are celebrating 30 years of togetherness!

PB040015 It’s our 30th Anniversary

What better way to mark this major anniversary than with a new charm for my bracelet.  This is our Pearl Anniversary, so my new charm just had to include a pearl, of course.  Robin got a more manly type of gift, the new tool box to take away when we travel in the caravan.  He has been after something like this for a while, so we are both happy.

PB050007 Robin’s new tool box

Friends joined us for a celebratory meal at the local restaurant, then we invited them back home for coffee and home made cheesecake for dessert.  Not that we really needed more dessert, but everyone managed to eat a slice.

PB050008 Derek, Eileen, Geoff, Robin, Jenny and Dot

PB050010 Congratulations to us

Quite honestly, it is hard to credit that 30 years has whizzed by so fast.  We have done a lot of things, travelled  all around New Zealand and had a few overseas trips as well.  May we have many more years to share together.


Lis Harwood said...

Many congratulations Jenny and Robin. I love your pearl charm Jenny. Still can't comment on your quilting blog so here I am to send you very best wishes.

Tom and Jan said...

Happy anniversary you young un's!

Katie said...

Congratulations. All the best wishes for many more! :-)