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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Moving on to Marton

After a night out in the wop-wops at rural Rangatira Golf Course we awoke to a blustery morning.  The local lady golfers arrived bright and early and teed off right by our caravan.  “Shhh”, said Robin, “we must be quiet so we don’t put them off their swing”.  He was a bit of a golfer himself in an earlier life, so knows about these things.

PB270006 Sign at the Golf Club

The car park was cleared of golf trundlers once all the ladies were on the greens, so we had room to hitch up the cars and start on our way.  Just a short 37km trip to Marton NZMCA camp.  There was only a single caravan on site when we arrived, closely followed by Geoff and Eileen.  The vans were backed into place, just in time for lunch.

PB270010 Back in Marton again

Then blow me down, three more vans rolled through the gate, one after another.  During the course of the afternoon several more followed, making a total of .11 caravans and motor-homes.  The wind didn’t drop all day, and it was too chilly to sit outside, so we decided on having 4zees in the little recreation room.  Geoff knocked on van doors and invited everyone else to join us too.  And quite a happy group it was too.

PB270011 4zees get together

Some people were embarking on a South Island holiday, and a few South Islanders were all set to do the same thing here in the north.  We swapped ideas, exchanged tips, related favourite places to stay, and reminisced about previous trips.

Marton is a great place to stay, and we have been here several times now.  Not too far from home, just a 75km journey tomorrow.  We just hope that the wind will have abated by then, it's no fun towing in such conditions.

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