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Monday, 18 November 2013

Opaki to Makotuku

Just look at that cute little face!  Cindy was having a caravan weekend away, just like Muffy, so we went over to make her acquaintance.  And to introduce ourselves to her owners, who we hadn’t met before.  She is a Cavalier King Charles, and her owners brought her out from Australia.

PB160031 Hello, Cindy

Fellow camper Harry Shackleton was sporting a tee shirt with the words of Ernest Shackleton’s recruitment advertisement.  It states:  “Men wanted for hazardous journey.  Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful.  Honour and recognition in case of success.  Ernest Shackleton”.  Are you related?, I asked Harry.  He assured me he was, but…..?

PB160032 Harry wearing his Shackleton tee shirt

Robin got the chance to try out his handy new water pump.  It is a submersible 12 volt pump, which is connected the live battery supply from the caravan.  This enabled him to pump fresh water from the container up into the fresh water inlet, without having to man-handle the heavy container, hold it steady while pouring  the water through a funnel.  It was a complete success, he proudly announced.

PB170047 Robin’s new 12 volt water pump - simple but effective

After the previous evening’s Road Code quiz, Peter was called up to accept an award for his dismal performance.  Around his neck was hung his special award which stated “Failed Learner”.  Wonder if he is safe to drive home after getting so many answers wrong.

PB170048 Peter – failed the driving test

After lunch we packed up and continued north up SH2 through farm lands.  It is hay making season and we passed by paddocks dotted with green plastic covered rolls.  This is balage, sometimes called silage in a bag.  The baler wraps the grass tight and the plastic bag seals it, and the contents are used for winter feeding when needed.   

PB170050Balage ready to be stacked away for winter feed

We left SH2 at Dannevirke and drove several kms down a minor road for our stop for the night.  The Makotuku Domain is a rural delight, right off the beaten track.  The only occupant was one man in a tent, whose peace was obviously shattered  by our arrival.  He wanted to know how we knew about this camping ground with only two power points.  Because we have stayed here before, we told him.  The Domain had a previous life as a sports ground and has a small grandstand.  There is a narrow mowed strip through the long grass, which we presume that the powers-that-be plan to cut sometime soon and turn it into balage.

PB180072Nearly lost in the long grass

And up by the entrance gate I saw these little faces hiding in the long grass in the next door paddock.

PB180063 Come on out, piggies

With a bit of gentle persuasion and calls of “Here pig, pig, pig”, they soon realised that I was one of those rare type of humans, a pig lover, and came running up to talk to me.  Guess the poor little things don’t know that they may well be destined to be a roast suckling pig Christmas Dinner!

PB180066  Hello, piggies, come and talk to me

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