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Friday, 1 November 2013

Artrix Glass

Escaping from Rimutaka Prison, our next stop was to visit the very talented Chris Wilson of Artrix Glass.  Our SLG friends crowded into her tiny office and she explained how the plotter takes all the hard work out of drawing plans for her etched and sand blasted glass designs.  Originally all the designs would have been carefully drawn by hand.  Chris then demonstrated how sand blasting is done, all under cover working inside a sealed cabinet.  It is a very noisy and messy business indeed.

PA310019The sand blasted and etched studio door 

The small workshop was full of creative ideas.  I rather liked the Money Tree which was dripping with dollars.

PA310017 How about one of these?

And look, I found Elvis sitting quietly in the studio, quite a young version of Elvis, I see.  I’m his Number One fan, in case you didn’t know.  Lead lighting is done quite differently these days, we were told, using film instead of coloured glass, as it was done traditionally.

PA310018 Hello, Elvis!

PA310020 Chris Wilson’s stained glass work

Our short visit came to a close, and we were all a bit more informed about the ins and outs of Artrix Glass.  We said our farewells and had the obligatory group photo taken in front of the colourful stain glass windows, buffeted by the wind, as you can see by our wind blown hair!  
PA310022 Photo shoot in the wind

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