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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Moody Weather

It was a good decision not to travel too far yesterday in all that wind, as it blew itself out overnight.  Most of the other vans got on the road much earlier than us – many of them had some serious travelling to do.  We were just wandering slowly home, after a stop at the dump station.  The rain clouds had painted the Taraurua Ranges many shades of misty grey. 
PB280014 Tararua Ranges

The closer we got to home, the darker the clouds were above us. 

PB280023 Nearly home now

Luckily the rain held off as we unpacked the caravan, bringing in the food, armfuls of clothes, and a huge bag of laundry.  There was even more laundry when the bed was stripped and remade.  With the fridge washed out, the bathroom cleaned, and the floor vacuumed, we are all ready for the next trip away in a couple of weeks.

The rain really came down in the late afternoon,  just as well the caravan chores got finished and we can put our feet up for a while.  Then there were the answer-phone messages to reply to, and a big bag of junk mail kindly collected by our neighbour to go through.  We put a hold on our “proper” mail while we were away and this will be delivered  shortly.  Coming back from holidays can be so tiring!

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