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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Tinkerbelle’s in Trouble

Our next door neighbour came over in a bit of a panic.  Her young kitten Tinkerbelle was up on our roof and couldn’t get down.  Could she borrow a ladder?  Of course she could.  Robin collected the ladder and we went to see what we could do.  There she was, a cute little black and white kitten, way up high on the top of our roof.  Our neighbour was rather worried, as Tinkerbelle is really quite tiny and could fall and injure herself.  But that didn’t happen.  She just made a leap into the large conifer tree and scampered down all by herself. 

DSCF2583  I’m hiding, can’t catch me

It appears that Tinkerbelle has been up and down our large tree many times, the neighbour from the other side informed us.  Now the kitten had an audience, she was prancing up and down that tree with all the grace of a ballet dancer.  Tinkerbelle wasn’t in trouble after all, thank goodness.

DSCF2585 Here’s Tinkerbelle

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