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Saturday, January 16, 2010

No cooking on Fridays

As the end of the working week rolls around, the cook at this household has had enough of cooking a “proper” meal night after night. We usually have takeaways, or, at a pinch, I will rustle up something light. Robin had a good idea for last night. “Let’s eat out”. We didn’t want anywhere too posh, or too expensive, so settled on The Carvery, a few miles away at Trentham.


Here we can get a three course smorgasbord buffet for only $20.00 each, excellent value we think. Nothing extra fancy, just good wholesome food. This restaurant has been through many changes over the years. It started life as a “Cobb and Co”. The decor changed with tartan carpets and stuffed pheasants when the restaurant changed to become “The Game Keeper”. It changed again to the trendy “Deaux Tartes”, run by two lady chefs. There have no doubt been several other name and style changes that we just can’t remember.

DSCF2520 The servary area

Pumpkin soup was keeping warm in a large tureen, so we both had a little of that. What were the roasts tonight? Roast pork (my favourite) and roast beef. Add some roast pumpkin and crispsy roast potatoes, freshly cooked veggies, pour over the gravy, a little apple sauce on the side, and don’t forget the pork crackle! And what about dessert? Robin never goes past ice-cream, and I tried baked pear and ginger pudding. All very nice, good honest food.

DSCF2518 Who are these young things?

For all the film buffs, there is a photo wall of film stars from long ago when they were all so much younger. There was Bo Derek, walking out of the sea, and a very young Elizabeth Taylor. We recognised most of them, but bet the younger generation would not have any idea who they were.


Dee Soden said...

Glad I could finally get here and see you.
I'm a Kiwi too and love following you around.
Got a spare bed in that van?????

Robin and Jenny said...

Sorry, no spare bed because we take the cat away with us!!