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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Having fun at Brookfield

The rain finally stopped and the sun came out in time for the “Discover Brookfield” competition.  Various teams wandered around the extensive grounds looking for answers to complete the questionnaires.  Some of the questions were quite easy – such as counting the number of flagpoles and outdoor fireplaces.  The fireplaces were scattered all over the grounds, and there are 36!!  We had to find the delightful open air chapel and which is situated on top of a rise, tucked away amongst the trees.  It was built in 1959 and the beautiful stone alter is built from local river stones.

DSCF2565 Stone alter in the open air Chapel

Another of the questions was to estimate the height of the main flagpole.  Robin declared he knew how to achieve this, and it involved pointing a stick at the flagpole. I had absolutely no idea what he was doing, and can only presume it was an old scouting trick from his youth.  Peter was in the distance, helping by pacing off from the flagpole.  It did look rather strange, and after all that measuring, he came up with the wrong answer.


DSCF2566 Mmmm, what will that measurement be?

The Flying Fox was up and running and the children lined up eagerly to take their turn.  Some of the grown-ups didn’t want to miss out and they jumped on too.  After yahooing all the way down on their ride, and bouncing off the stacked tires at the end, everyone was only too happy to haul the seat back to the platform to the next one waiting in line.  It all looked a whole heap of fun and the noise and laughter rang through the camp.

P1240354 Who’s next for the Flying Fox?

No one can go kayaking and keep their pants dry, it seems.  The kayaks wobble around alarmingly and obviously take in water as they are paddled around the pond.  We watched several children and their parents having the time of their lives.  Even the smaller children appeared very competent as the dipped their paddles into the water.   When the boats were pulled up onto the edge the kayakers climbed out, dripping water .  Then it was off to have a nice hot shower and a change of clothes.

DSCF2575 Kayaks on the pond

The scenery in this area is just spectacular.   Native bush covers the hills, creeks babble along their way, and there are  birds everywhere.   It is a beautiful peaceful place and we certainly enjoyed our weekend of camping.

P1240341 View of the surrounding hills

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