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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Last days in camp

The weather wasn’t very kind to us over the Christmas/New Year break.  We certainly did have some nice sunny days, but then we had an equal number of wet and windy days.  The wind was so fierce that our gazebo was quickly dropped to stop it taking off into the sky.  We then re-erected it another day, but after another repeat performance in the wind, decided to leave it down for the duration of our stay.  It’s the families in tents who we really feel sorry for when the weather is bad.  There would be nothing more miserable than camping with children while the rain is pouring down and the ground is a sodden mess. 

DSCF2441 There were plenty of tents in camp

We spotted this giant American Adirondack caravan in the storage area and then several days later it was placed on site.  The two slide-outs would give the occupants a huge living area.  We don’t think that this monster gets towed along the road.  No doubt when their holiday is over, the slide-outs will be pushed back in, and the huge rig will be towed backed to the storage area to await the next on site holiday.  


Tall trees throughout the camp encourage a lot of birdlife.  Tuis sing all day from the highest trees, and blackbirds, starlings and song thrushes search the grass for grubs.  Hearing a strange call one afternoon we glanced out the window and saw this handsome Californian Quail sitting on a tree stump. 

 image PC260309

Tui and Californian Quail

The moist conditions caused these little toadstools to appear on another tree stump overnight.  Perhaps it’s a magic “fairy ring”? 


Baby toadstools growing on a tree stump

We took the awning down before the rain set in and packed it away in the back of the 4WD.  It will need to be hung up it the garage when we return home to ensure it is completely dry.  Our Christmas break is almost over.  Never mind, there is always another trip to look forward to.


Sandra said...

The pictures of the birds were so lifelike! actually they looked like 3 dimentional photos.Lovely story, I enjoyed it very much! Happy New Year!

Robin and Jenny said...

Thank you Sandra, for your kind words. We are back to the grindstone now

Dee Soden said...

I do so miss Tuis.