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Monday, 25 January 2010

Around the campfire

There’s something rather stone age and tribal about a campfire.  Perhaps it evokes long forgotten memories of our forebears as they gathered around the fire after a successful hunt.  We sat around the campfire circle on Sunday evening at Brookfield and gazed at the fire crackling in the hearth.


Ian and Derek were in charge of proceedings and looked resplendent  in their campfire blankets, each decorated with numerous scouting badges and coloured scarves.  They led the group in campfire songs and related tall tales.  Some of the songs required actions to be performed and we were up and down like yo yos.  The younger children in the audience were also involved.  They walked around and around the fire as the story unfolded about a naughty rabbit chasing lots of little mice.  The rabbit soon got her come-uppance for being naughty when she was turned into a carrot, and the mice ate her all up.

P1240367 Scout Leaders Ian and Derek

Those in the audience like Robin who had been through the scouting organisation in their younger days knew all the words to the songs and chants.  Others did the best we could, and we all joined in with gusto.  It was a great night, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, doing something that was quite a new experience for many of us.

P1240364 Jenny, Elaine and Peter ready for the campfire songs

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