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Thursday, 7 January 2010

It only lasts a week

We read an article recently that stated “the benefits of a holiday only last a week”.  Looks like our week ended yesterday!  We returned home on Sunday and had a busy and productive time unpacking the caravan.  We cleaned the fridge and the bathroom, vacuumed the carpet, and did a couple of loads of washing.  The awning was hung up in the the garage to ensure it dried completely before we packed it away.  We were like a couple of busy little bees,  buzzing around while we happily went about our chores.  Robin even got the motor mower out to cut the lawns.

Then it was back to work again, and it was like we had never been away.  My Team Leader has been studying the stats and has decided that we all need a shake up and must improve on our workloads.  Robin’s work is a buzz with rumours of change.  So yesterday, the benefits that we had derived from our holiday evaporated into thin air, and we both returned home mentally battered.  How long is it till we retire?  That’s much too far away.  Better start buying those Lotto tickets again.

We are pleased to announce that the other member of our family is still receiving the benefits of her holiday.  Ever since Muffy our cat returned home she has been completely relaxed as she been blissfully sleeping the hours away.  Mind you, on the the first day back she burrowed under the quilt so we couldn’t find her and take her away camping again.  Those fears are over now and she is back to her normal “sleep the day away” routine.

 DSCF2404 Completely relaxed on the bed

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