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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Enjoying the sun

While our friends in England are suffering from the disruptions of snow and ice making everyday life almost impossible, we enjoyed a lovely Summer’s day here in New Zealand today.  Out in the backyard the laundry was flapping in the warm breeze.  There is nothing nicer than washing dried in the fresh air and sunshine.  How fresh and clean it smells when gathered up and taken inside.  You know what I always say, “Happiness is clean laundry”.  Our New Zealand flag was also fluttering in the breeze.  We have a flagpole at the front of the house and Robin likes to fly his flag when we are home in the weekend.

DSCF2483 Our New Zealand flag was flying today

It was time to give the caravan’s exterior a good clean to get rid of all the road film, dirt and grunge that accumulates when on the road and over the winter when it does not dry out completely for long periods of time.  The caravan slots into a parking space in front of the house but to get around all the sides Robin had to pull it out so that the caravan straddled the footpath.  Then he climbed up on the step ladder to wash down the high sides.  He was very impressed with the results of using a product called 30seconds which removed the algae with a quick spray and a wash off.  Don’t know how many walkers and their dogs had their walk disrupted when they had to move onto the road in front of our house to get past.   Never mind, it was soon moved back into it’s proper position.


DSCF2475 All spick and span again

The weather was so nice we decided to have a barbeque in the evening.  Everyone knows blokes are the ones in charge of the BBQ and that is certainly true in our household.    Robin did a great job of cooking delicious pork sausages from our favourite out of town butcher, Charlie’s Snarler Parlour.  Also cooking were  honey and soy marinated chicken kebabs, and garlic prawn kebabs.  A meal fit for a King!  There is nothing more mouth watering than the smell of a backyard barbecue in the early evening air. 


Cooking on the barbie tonight

The nice weather today certainly makes up for some of the bad weather we experienced over our Christmas/New Year break.  Sending our friends in UK, warm and fuzzy thoughts.  Stay warm, and stay safe.

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Derek and Dot said...

Looks good I can almost smell it from here. We have a very white landscape, -5deg but are warm and snug with our secondary glazing.