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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Off with the old, in with the new

It was time to replace our fridge.  The frost free freezer on top kept icing up – that was not what was meant to happen.  Robin was getting sick and tired of scraping the ice out.  So we went shopping to look for a replacement.  There was plenty of choice,  from the economy priced brands to the fancier ones, white or stainless steel, and big fancy models with double doors.  Our new fridge had to fit into an existing space, so we went armed with my trusty tape measure.   We finally made our choice, negotiated a discount, and a couple of days later, our new fridge arrived.

The old fridge was  manoeuvred  out of the way into the hallway.  It only just fitted through the door.  “How long have we had it”, we wondered, “perhaps 10 years or so?”  The tall young delivery man who sported a wonderful head of curly hair checked the numbers.  “Oh no”, he said, “this one is 21 years old.  Don’t expect your new one to last so long”.  That was a bit of a worry, another example of planned obsolescence perhaps?

DSCF2528 Moving the old fridge out into the hallway

In came the new fridge.  It took some clever manoeuvring to edge it up the hallway, past the small table on one side and the bookcase on the other.  Then a 90 degree turn into the kitchen past the sliding door, and it was edged gently into the space.  The young man  plugged it in to the power, made sure it was humming away, and ran through some of the features with us.  Seems that the door will beep if it is left open too long.  And it can sense when new food placed inside need chilling quickly.  

DSCF2536 The new model all set up

Then it was just a matter of slowing taking the old fridge down the hallway, out the door, and down the path.  A quick flip and he put it on it’s side and slid it along a mat in to the back of the van.  All this was done single handed.  Off he drove with our 21 year old fridge, to get it checked over to see what the trade-in price would be. 

DSCF2534 Goodbye old friend

So that’s the fridge replaced, and the stove.  The plan is to replace the white ware before retirement.  Guess the next thing will be the washing machine.  Don’t need to worry about a dish-washer – that’s Robin’s job!!

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